A little bit about me

A little bit about me.

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I wanna dance with you

When I gaze up at the moon

I picture you with me.

I see shadows on the moons face looking down at me.

I see us dancing in the moon light.

Spinning and twirling around in circles,

In this very moment until the morning light.


I now that I’m not an angel.

I have done many things wrong.

I repent of my sins.

For I want to go to heaven.

Alas every time I turn around.

I’m dancing with the devil


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Three words that discribe me

 The three words that describe me…

Someone said I was playful, artistic, and nice.

I can go with that. I started thinking the ways that make me that way.

Yes I I’m playful when it comes to getting a new toy for my kid.

I feel like a child.


I like to try it out in the store see how it works.

My mom once said to me put that down stop playing with all the toys.

I’m a big kid at heart so I like to touch things which bring me to another way of being playful.

I’m really quite shy in person. I can express myself better in writing a letter.

I find myself flirting and daydreaming of things I would like to do to a certain person in mind.

So yes it all comes out my feeling of love.

It makes me feel like I’m in love for the very first time.


When someone reaches out for your hand while walking you home.

The rush you get when he leans over for a kiss.

I have always known I was special in some way.

My family and some of their friends that they even know where artist.

So I was around it all my life my dad, my grandmother, my best friend’s mother who is kind of known around in Miami.

I feel a bit stranger than most.

When I see things I see things different like looking at gravesites with a rose on top.

Someone was once loved and thought of dearly.

When I’m under a tree and I hear the birds chip and watch the bugs fly.

I like to be the odd one not likes the rest.

I guess that’s what makes me different from the rest.

When I hear you’re nice.

It makes me feel kind of like your pretty but I like your  only as friend.

I’m your best friend loyal and true.

When it comes to loving me and trusting in me

when others have failed.

I’m the one always there for you.

I am your friend through and threw.

Maybe one day you’ll see.

I’ll take what we have.

It’s still special to me


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What were you thinking

As I glide my hand down

Your smooth and wet sides.

You open up nicely.

You’re just the right size.

Rubbing you up and down your silky shaft…

Finding the perfect fit to put my fingers inside…

Just one sudden move and it could be over just that quick.

A steady hand is what it takes.

To make the perfect vase…

What were you thinking?


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The lone wolf

It is 3:53 am can’t sleep…

I torture myself thinking that one day I’ll see you.

When I know that will never happen.

My heart pounding a mile a minute…

Is it from the caffeine or is it my thoughts of you…

I feel like a werewolf howling at the moon.

Longing for his mate to came and return to her.

If they never find their way to each other…

She will then remain a lone wolf forever


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Love hurts

I don’t know what to do anymore

I’ve done all I can do.

There’s nothing left of me.

I’m hanging on to a dream that will never happen.

It’s the only thing that I hope for.

But there’s no hope to be found.

I have to hang up my heart.

Put all my thoughts of you in a box.

I have to bury them deep, deep into the ground

I don’t want to be reminded of what I felt for you. This is so hard I don’t know if I can.

Pretend that you don’t exist when I see your face everyday; It hurts me inside knowing your love is not there. I can’t make you love me that just wouldn’t be fair. I won’t love another the way I love you.


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No frogs to kiss

My heart was once warm and filled with lots of love to give.

Then it became broken.

I was just a teen it still hurt like hell.

Thought life was over.

So I turned to drugs to release my pain.

When I wasn’t looking

I found love again.

Only to ruin a good thing I had.

I thought I was in love.

But it was just a game

Only wish I knew this what I know right now.

Who was I to listen?

I had to learn on my own.

Now I sit here sad and lonely.

Crying out for someone to love me…

This love I feel is just a fantasy.

It hurts so bad that I have to let go.

Never knowing what if we would’ve been something together.

So I sit here broken-hearted.

I give up on love completely.

There’s no such thing as a happy ending.

My heart is now hardened.

My dream is over.

It’s time for reality,

There are no happy endings

Not at least in this story tale.

There’s are no prince charming

So no frogs will be kissed.

No one to rescue me or sweep me off my feet…

It was just a crazy fantasy.

Making me believe something was real.


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