being faithful is not easy

As I watch the couple of kissing and groping at one another how I miss those times I really never had then. Now that you’re gone I see what we missed and I want to fill those desires’ more than anything now. All we have now is paper and pen to describe to each other what we want to do and how.

I’m so lonely and miss the soft touch of your hand touching my skin.

I’ve had to give in to myself only in brief and vulnerable moments just to keep away from fantasies that played in my mind only to tease me more.

I know I couldn’t be with another  just the thoughts are still committed as a sin; I wish there were days that I was just blind ,so I could not see other lovers around me that make me feel blue.

I’m still unfaithful in my head but in my heart I will stay true.

Being totally faithful is something very hard to do.unfaithful

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