Good vs evil picture challenge

I’ am the twin.

One good and the other one evil.

One always being the do-gooder

The other one thinking evil sultry thoughts.

Fighting with the both of them time and time again.

It’s an everlasting battle who will be in charge.

Good conquers evil always in the end.

It’s always a fight no matter what but she still insists to win.

She will always be with me I love her just the same.

The bad girl still tries to seduce me in letting her come out.

There’s always a part of her I like to have around.

She’s the flirt she’s the one in charge the one who likes to play.

While the other one just doesn’t know what to say.

She sits back and lets everyone walk all over her.

Not letting anyone near her to hear her cries.

There’s always a good and bad girl in all of us just which one do you like most?

shaiyald_1_2 shaiyald_3_2

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