I may be wrong feeling this way…

I’m so sorry I just don’t like to share.

These feelings are feelings of jealousy.

I had high hopes at one time then I find out you saying the same lines to someone else.

What I’m I too think what I’m I to do.


I’m feeling like a puppet on a string

Just playing with my heart…

I know I shouldn’t take it so serious but that’s the way I just do.

Now with my feelings of lost hope.

I don’t now what I have left to give back to you.

It’s all just a game and I took it so real.

I thought you liked me like I liked you.

I see things different and so much clearer I was the joke and the one being laughed at.

When your done making your mind up

On whom you like best.

It may be too late then and you’ll have to get in line like the rest.kidsmwah

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