I must set myself free

I’m the forgotten prisoner living outside the walls.

I am the innocent serving time right along side my loved one.

I maybe free to do what I please I have that choice to do so.

I have no say so or can do anything about my loved one’s time inside. It’s all in someone else’s hands. All I can do is be by his side and help them along with what he is going through, that makes me just as much a prisoner too. I can’t touch him can’t hold him nor kiss him; we have to share our special moments with others just alike.

I’m right there with him maybe not locked up in a cell; my bars are invisible that only I can see.

How I feel is the same as him missing our companionship and being able to hold each other close while we sleep.

Having to come home alone is the worst feeling of all.

Honey I’m home and no one there to respond back.

Staying by the phone just so I won’t miss your call is my own prison within myself.

I have to break these chains and live life again.

No matter how much the hurt I have to be free


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4 Responses to I must set myself free

  1. cherylz1961 says:

    I hope you find your freedom. There is freedom in Christ if you want to chat, visit my blog.

  2. cherylz1961 says:

    So glad to hear you are doing better. I had clinical depression for YEARS due to location of a brian tumor. Once removed…..depression gone! It is a black pit and so hard to work through it.

    • yes i had depression years ago it was pretty bad long story but things worked out and now those times are in the past God is great and he is there for you and yes i added the follow button to your blogs

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