No frogs to kiss

My heart was once warm and filled with lots of love to give.

Then it became broken.

I was just a teen it still hurt like hell.

Thought life was over.

So I turned to drugs to release my pain.

When I wasn’t looking

I found love again.

Only to ruin a good thing I had.

I thought I was in love.

But it was just a game

Only wish I knew this what I know right now.

Who was I to listen?

I had to learn on my own.

Now I sit here sad and lonely.

Crying out for someone to love me…

This love I feel is just a fantasy.

It hurts so bad that I have to let go.

Never knowing what if we would’ve been something together.

So I sit here broken-hearted.

I give up on love completely.

There’s no such thing as a happy ending.

My heart is now hardened.

My dream is over.

It’s time for reality,

There are no happy endings

Not at least in this story tale.

There’s are no prince charming

So no frogs will be kissed.

No one to rescue me or sweep me off my feet…

It was just a crazy fantasy.

Making me believe something was real.


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