Three words that discribe me

 The three words that describe me…

Someone said I was playful, artistic, and nice.

I can go with that. I started thinking the ways that make me that way.

Yes I I’m playful when it comes to getting a new toy for my kid.

I feel like a child.


I like to try it out in the store see how it works.

My mom once said to me put that down stop playing with all the toys.

I’m a big kid at heart so I like to touch things which bring me to another way of being playful.

I’m really quite shy in person. I can express myself better in writing a letter.

I find myself flirting and daydreaming of things I would like to do to a certain person in mind.

So yes it all comes out my feeling of love.

It makes me feel like I’m in love for the very first time.


When someone reaches out for your hand while walking you home.

The rush you get when he leans over for a kiss.

I have always known I was special in some way.

My family and some of their friends that they even know where artist.

So I was around it all my life my dad, my grandmother, my best friend’s mother who is kind of known around in Miami.

I feel a bit stranger than most.

When I see things I see things different like looking at gravesites with a rose on top.

Someone was once loved and thought of dearly.

When I’m under a tree and I hear the birds chip and watch the bugs fly.

I like to be the odd one not likes the rest.

I guess that’s what makes me different from the rest.

When I hear you’re nice.

It makes me feel kind of like your pretty but I like your  only as friend.

I’m your best friend loyal and true.

When it comes to loving me and trusting in me

when others have failed.

I’m the one always there for you.

I am your friend through and threw.

Maybe one day you’ll see.

I’ll take what we have.

It’s still special to me


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